“Here there is no place for those who do not like to eat, for those who do not believe
that the kitchen is a real art, worthy of the most deserving praise,,

Ours is a cuisine based only on express dishes, dishes prepared on the spot rigorously created on the basis of ancient
recipes of typical Tuscan cuisine.
The guys that you find to serve and in the kitchen share with us the desire to create a welcoming family, each of
them puts their own here, to take care of every thing that makes the restaurant something new, and take care of you
every day making sure that our table is a unique experience.

Sant’Ilario has a curious and ancient history, one of those stories that make you relive inside and that is also the
protagonist of this adventure.
Because the language we have chosen to speak is that of the countryside that surrounds us and that we know since
we are children.


Chianina beef tartar, yellow peach mayonnaise, black pepper and parmesan ice cream.

15 Euro

Fresh ricotta pie, rocket pesto and pine nuts, scorzone truffle flakes

12 Euro

Bruschetta with bread of our production, cherry tomatoes from the garden and Sant’Ilario extra virgin olive oil

10 Euro

Great selection of DOP cured Cinta Senese pork meats, cheeses, sesame and rosemary breadsticks of our production

14 Euro



Hand-made pici noodles with cherry tomatoes, dried caper powder, burratella cream

12 Euro

Spaghetti in carbonara style, Cinta Senese DOP bacon and olive powder

12 Euro

Rice with strawberries, black pepper, light Chianti wine reduction with Chianti, celeriac

13 Euro

Truffle ravioli, with lettuce cream, crispy Cinta Senese DOP bacon

15 Euro



(accompanied by vegetables)

Florentine Steak


Sliced grilled beef, rosemary cream, green pepper, aged 18 months cheese flakes

18 Euro

Rabbit stuffed with plums and pistachios, cooked at low temperature, vanilla salt, Vinsanto reduction

18 Euro

Pork fillet in dried fruit crust, caramelized onion of Certaldo, fresh light cheese cream

16 Euro

* Pici and all kinds of stuffed pasta are handcrafted Vegetables on our dishes are obtained from our own garden or from farms producing Tuscan.
** some of our products can be frozen



Warm pie with dark heart, strawberries and pistachio crumble

8 Euro

Raspberry and vanilla panna cotta, caramelised rhubarb, cream ice cream

7 Euro

Semifreddo blackberries and low-fat yogurt, crispy sesame and pine nuts, pistachio powder

7 Euro

Cantuccini biscuits of our production and Vinsanto

6 Euro



Jaegermeister – Sambuca
Liquore Nocino “Toschi di Modena”
Moscato di Sicilia “Baglio Belvedere”
Passito di Pantelleria

4 Euro

Grappa morbida “Bottega”
Grappa invecchiata “Madruzzo”
Grappa di Brunello di Montalcino, Az. Agricola Col d’Orcia
Vin Santo del Chianti “Corbucci”
Vin Santo “Belcaro” Chianti Classico, Az.Agricola S.Felice
Cognac Courvosier
Blended Scotch Whisky “Johnnie Walker”
Dry Gin Lion Heart
Moscadello di Montalcino “Pascena”, Az. Agricola Col d’Orcia

5 Euro

Birra Zelena 0,33 cl. Berliner Weisse ai lamponi
Moscadello di Montalcino Vendemmia Tardiva “Florus”

6 Euro


Even if you do not stay near the restaurant, you can still take advantage of the large parking lot and get directly by car or bus.

Strada Provinciale 4 Volterrana n. 127


N 43° 32′ 39.023” E 10° 56′ 41.992”

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